October 3rd, 2004

Asta 2

Before I Forget.....

Happy Birthday, superplin! I hope you managed to finally suss out your plans for today and have some well deserved fun and relaxation.

It boggles my mind just how mych I can get accomplished when I put my mind and aching body to it. ;p Thanks to lynnb and dragonfly0303 coming to visit next weekend I decided to take th eopportunity to whip this apartment into shape. Yesterday, following a couple hours at work and lunch with another friend named Lynn I shopped till I dropped - Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Hallmark Store, fabric store, Office Max, and Meijer (think Super WalMart).

Then began the cleaning. I can't even recall the last tine some parts of this apartment have been cleaned. Which probably explains the dust bunnies waiting to attack and paperwork dated 2001. And I *finally* managed to get a window treatment up on the living room window - hence my rare visit to the fabric store - which I managed to do for $20. Having price shopped, it would have cost me $60 for only a slightly more finished look.

Oh, I finally caught this past weeks Smallville. Can someone explain to me how Tom Welling has gotten better looking? It's a good thing too because it's what keeps me tuning in. Granted the writing has never been outstanding, but ripping off Terminator 2? I was already rolling my eyes at the new 'sexy' Lana. :p

Fifteen minutes into Desperate Housewives and it seems very promising.
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