October 25th, 2004

Asta 2

Sunday's Entertainment Wrap Up

I saw I 'Heart' Huckabees this afternoon. I don't think I can say I loved it, but I certainly liked it *a lot*. I really wish I had more knowledge of some of the concepts behind the film to better convey to you all just how trippy and intelligent this film is. I can say I laughed out loud numerous times and cringed at a couple of cheap gross outs. But, the one thing that really hit me while I was watching it was that it was making me think (how rare is thatin film today?). Not just about the plot or characterizations either, but about ideas and concepts and feelings and how it all applied to me. So, yeah, I'd definitely recommend this one.

This afternoon I caught bits and pieces of Peacekeeper Wars while tidying up the place. Damn if I didn't get weepy again. But, something struck me that I hadn't thought of before....spoilerish, so I'm cutting awayCollapse )

Following watching the finale, I decided to go back to the beginning. No grand observations to make yet other than I love how John and Aeryn spoke up for each other and decided to stick together nearly from the moment they met.

And another line that always gets me? When Aeryn tells John that she doesn't know anything besides being a Peacekeeper, John stops what he's doing, looks her in the eye, and announces "you can be more". Sigh.

I've only gotten about half way through 'I, ET'. Not one of my favorite episodes, but the show had yet to find it's footing. I hadn't recalled John picking up the alien lingo so quickly until I heard him say "What the hesmata is it?".

Does anyone else feel that on Desperate Housewives they either need to find a better reason for having Nicolette Sheridan around or they need to write out the character? She really has added nothing to the show thus far. The car washing thing was just embarassing.

And did Felicity Huffman loose a kid? The youngest boy seemed MIA tonight.
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