April 26th, 2005

Asta 2

And I Thought I Was Addicted

My mother calls me earlier this evening about something apparently unimportant because I can't recall her reason for calling. She mentions that she won't be calling me back again later because she knows I'll be watching (as will she) House at 9. This exchange follows:

Me: "Actually, I won't be watching it. It's a repeat tonight."
Mom: "WHAT?! What do you mean it's a repeat. You're kidding me, right?"
Me: "Why would I kid about something like that?"
Mom: "But, I have my whole night planned (preceeds to list TV viewing schedule). How can they do this?"

At that point we went into a discussion of saving eps for May sweeps and her night being ruined. Seriously, I don't recall the last time she got this worked up over a TV show. Broadway musical, yes, but a TV show?

BTW, she also mentioned that she was perusing the new TV Guide and they had a list of TV's hottest doctors. Guess who was #1? :-) Mom wasn't so amazed that Hugh was #1, more so that he was suddenly considered hot at this point in his life.

For those just waking up from a coma today, the Serenity trailer made it's debut online. I'm not bothering to link it becasue a) I'm lazy and b) I think everyone else on LJ already has. I'll avoid spoilers and just say it looked very, very cool. I also found it interesting how they are choosing to market the film.

OK, I promised writteninstars a recap of the Sting concert last night, but do to a lingering headache didn't get to it. Collapse )

OK, off to give VM another try. I still say it's no House! :p
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