May 31st, 2005

Asta 2

To Prove I'm Not A Complete Bitca When It Comes to George Lucas...

As most of you know, I thought 'Sith' sucked. But, putting aside the horrid dialogue, bloated effects sequences, and wooden acting, I wanted to see how well George tied the prequels to the original trilogy. On Saturday I watched 'Star Wars' (now known as 'A New Hope'...stupid retconning...). My initial reaction was "Oh, thank God, my laserdisc player still works!" :) followed by a realization that the storylines actually mesh together well.

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In other fandom news, the June 5 TV Guide will have multiple covers showing off some of the sexiest me on TV such as Josh Hollaway, Patrick Dempsey, James Dalton, and...Hugh Laurie!!! I love the guy, but even I was a bit shocked to discover that a mainstream publication agrees with me. :-)
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