June 1st, 2005

Asta 2

Apparently I Need to Spend the Next Six Weeks Avoiding Writing.....

...with the words "Battlestar" and "Galactica" in it. I'm (fairly innocently) reading excerpts from an interview with one of Galactica's producers. Basically, he recaps what has happened and how that may be explored in the upcoming season. In my opinion, nothing spoilery and nothing most of us haven't already contemplated. Then, towards the end of the article, the writer talks about a rumor they saw at a certain site and for more information to click on the link. But, "beware of major spoilers at this link, including________". Um, that's some great warning there buddy. I'd probably be more upset if I didn't sense this person was making a big deal out of nothing. Still, it raises the question, is it even possible to stay spoiler free short of crawling back in the internet free hole I resided in 4 and a half years ago?
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