June 5th, 2005

Asta 2

A Tale of Two Hughs

First off, the TV Guide crisis is over. raislak managed to find the one copy at whatever store he was at. He is on the other side of town from me, which could explain him finding a copy. Either that or Hugh's cover is the most popular and sold out right away. :)

The other Hugh in my life hosted the Tony Awards this evening. I didn't think it was possible, but I swear his voice has gotten better. The man needs to be doing another musical, either on stage or screen. But, first, he has X3, assuming they can find a director to take it on. Heck, the actors could probably direct themselves at this point.

Other than Hugh and a few of the musical performances, I was rather underwhelmed with the show. Granted, there were a lot of locks for awards, but I also blame a fair share of technical glitches and poor camera work for dragging down the show.

I'm nearing the end of my viewing of Wonderfalls and should have a few thoughts on that this week. But, before I forget, Todd Holland mentioned in the special features how the monkey bookend was from his personal collection (it had been a gift) and how paranoid they were about damaging it because they only had two. They searched high and low for more but could not find them. Guess what I found four boxes of at Barnes & Noble yesterday? ;p
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