July 6th, 2005

Asta 2

Galactica Makes Everything Better

After a craptacular late afternoon at work (if you didn't already know, American Express is a corporate subsidiary of Hell), I arrived home to find in my mailbox my BSG mini DVD, the latest Entertainment Weekly with Willy Wonka/Johnny Depp on the cover and an interview with Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty singer, NOT 'Veronica Mars' creator) inside and NO BILLS! :)

Then I sat down to watch the rest of the BSG marathon on Sci-Fi only leaving the couch when nature called. Now, I'm going to make a statement that may or may not shock some of you (it did surprise me), but my love of Apollo has superseded that of Spike. And, no, it's not just for the obvious reasons, I do have *some* depth people. I adore the layers to this character and how incredibly complex (and fragile) his emotional state is. I'm not sure that it was seeing some of these eps for the fourth fifth sixth time that led me to this revelation or if it was something I caught a glimpse of in the latest promo. If you've seen the promos or don't mind knowing what's in them Follow me....Otherwise, I'll get back to you in one to two weeks. Collapse )

Um, can computers know they are being replaced? Because my computer is suddenly acting oddly. =/
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