November 1st, 2005

Asta 2

Bamber Related Questions

So, I've seen a couple of LJs mention that Jamie is doing an interview for Playgirl. Let me stress interview. If there are pictures I'm sure they'll be clothed or partially clothed. I'm just wondering where this news originated from. I've checked several BSG and Bamber related sites and communities and haven't turned up a single post on it.

Also, he's been confirmed for the BSG Con in August in Burbank. Did anyone cancel at the last minute last year for the Con? Creation is already listing Gold tickets at $319. Ouch. *If* I even consider, I'd like a reasonable assurance he'll be there since this wouldn't be a cheap trip. Of course, if most of the cast is commited to going, I think it would be safe to assume that production would be shut down.

Er, when did the 'Insert' feature pop up on LJ?
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Asta 2

Time and Space

Title: Time and Space
Author: Asta77
Pairing: Laura/Lee, who else?
Rating: NC-17, M, whatever
Disclaimer: Sci-Fi and Ron Moore own BSG. If I owned any of the characters it would be Lee Adama and I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing fic when I could be...
Spoilers: Through ‘Resistance’
Dedication: Well, sdwolfpup lamented there was a lack of brig fic - blame her. And mucho thanks to k_julia for all *her* patience and assistance.
Summary: They’re in the brig, stuff happens.

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