December 6th, 2005

Is It Friday Yet?  - bulletproofbabe

Kitchen Confidential and Other stuff

Not that many of you will be interested in this, but I promised hockeyvaughnfan a recap of last night’s Kitchen Confidential AKA Cooper! Vartan! Together Again! TV Guide’s Watercooler section had a good recap that was very complimentary to both actors. I have a few additional thoughts about the pretty the show. Collapse )

I also watched The Triangle last night. I have nothing in-depth to say about it, but I did enjoy it overall. The writing dialogue and plotting was good, the weird anomalies and time shifts had me thinking, and the characters were fairly well developed. If I had one criticism with Part 1 it is pacing. It seemed to drag a bit in areas. One of the culprits was a subplot of sorts involving Eric Stoltz’s character’s family situation. Though, maybe that all ends up tying into later events. I’ll definitely keep watching…and not just for the new BSG promo. ;-)

And this item is already making its way around LJ, but for those who haven’t seen it.....

NBC ITUNES IN: Following ABC's lead, NBC Universal is set to announce a deal with Apple that will make programs from NBC, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel and other outlets — perhaps including highlights from forthcoming coverage of the Winter Olympics — available for on-demand downloading from the iTunes service. According to the trades, ESPN may be the next network to hop on the iTunes bandwagon.

Yes, BSG eps are part of this deal and are available for download. However, it seems they are part of a "bundle" which I take to mean you can’t just pick up the ep you missed, but have to order the whole season. I still have dial up so I really don’t care either way. :p
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X3 Trailer

I saw the new trailer for X3 this afternoon. It goes beyond 'teaser' in my opinion, giving away some significant plot details. For those who are somehoe goign to attempt to know nothing about the film before it debuts on May 26th, I'll do a cut. No spoilers beyond what I saw in the trailer because I know nothing beyond what I know in the trailer. ;)

Collapse )

I discovered this evening that not using your printer since, oh, June, is probably not the best idea. I managed to fix the crap print quality and the 'printer cannot communicate with computer' error, but now I'm left hoping that the fact only red ink is coming out of the color cartridge is because it's gunked up and in need of replacing.
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It's Meme Time

I usually don't do meme's, but this one looked fun and informative. Last scene on shmarollynn's LJ.

1. My username is ____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

1. My user name is Asta77 because, well, long story. When I went to register at a Buffy board I didn't want to use a Buffy related name because I found it rather limiting and I wanted to be different. So, I decided to go into a whole other genre - old movies. One of my faves is 'The Thin Man. One of the stars of which is a terrier named Asta. When I broke down and got an LJ, it turned out some rat bastard already had taken Asta. But I'm Asta dammit! I would not give up MY name, so, again, I looked towards another love of mine 'Star Wars' which came out in 1977.

2. My journal is titled 'Asta's Journal'. Yeah, I've been too lazy to come up with anything else. Though 'Home of the Bamber Squee' has a nice ring to it.

3. My subtitle is 'Evil Incarnate and Satan's Hellspawn' thanks to writteninstars. I don't recall what specifically I said to her to piss her off one day (probably was making fun of one of her TV boyfriends or mocking her fear of monkeys ;), but she retorted by calling me that. I told her it was going up on LJ. I didn't think it would still be here two (?) years later. It's just too appropriate to let go. ;-)

4. My friends page is called 'Equally Brilliant People' at the moment because I'm surrounded by idiots at work and I look to all of you to help keep me sane and entertained.

5. My default userpic is LEE AND LAURA of course! My BSG OTP. :)

I really should be paying more attention to The Triangle. It seems to be getting pretty interesting.
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