January 1st, 2006

Asta 2

New Years Resolutions

Nope, I haven't got any yet. I looked at the resolutions I posted last year and I appear to have been 30% successful. I bought a laptop, wrote a fanfic, and I do think I'm at least a little more patient and a better listener. I also perused my first post of 2005 and it's as if it could have been written today. Either I need to change jobs or gripe about work less. :p

I hope everyone had a pleasent or at least stress free new year. I was in bed before twelve, but I don't seem to have missed anything exciting. Today, I spent three hours in a movie theater watching KIng Kong. Boy, was I ever disappointed. It's not that it was a bad film, but I don't feel it lived up to the hype. It seemed too outrageous in some parts, Including Anne being dragged through the jungle without sustaining a cut and her hair remaining coiffed. There was some questionable attention to detail - my mother threw a fit when they had a sign for Madison Square Garden in Times Square. The big problem though was it was too damn long. Far too lengthy a set up, too many rumbles in the jungle, and one character who was seemingly important disappeared. Imho, wait for the DVD.

The rest of the weekend I hope to spend cleaning, organizing for my upcoming trip, and maybe finishing off BSG (Btw, the TV Guide interview with Mary and Eddie contains some spoilage). And the marvelous divahag has given me a copy of 'The Christmas Invasion' so I can frinally catch up with you all and read your posts. :)

Finally, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to hockeyvaughnfan. Looking at the clock, I think I'm under the wire. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through our mutual admiration of Mr Bamber and Mr Vartan. Hope you had a great one. :)
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