January 16th, 2006

Asta 2

I'm Baaaaaack!

Back home to be precise. I miss everyone already! And brynnmck's wireless internet! The good news is we've already discussed tentative plans to get back together to stalk the BSG/Stargate actors in Vancouver. Yes, I will have a restraining order taken out against me yet. There is much to tell about my rain soaked adventures with my fellow LJers in Seattle, but that shall have to wait until tomorrow (or the day after if my BSG post decides to take precedence, though all you guys did a pretty damn good job of covering it - the good and the not so good) because I seriously need to get some sleep before facing work tomorrow. Blech.
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Asta 2

Days 4 and 5

Since my BSG write up requires a rewatch, the vacation wrap up post wins the what gets posted first award.

Friday was a very lazy day for me, I hung around brynnmck's house watching DVDs and utilizing her wireless internet. At least I *finally* got that list of links together I promised long ago. sdwolfpup and I ended up IMing for awhile even though we were to see each other in a few hours. Though given we were discussing some spoilers, it was probably best we spared tormenting the rest of our group.

Watching Sci-Fi Friday together was mucho fun. The Stargate's were heavily mocked. Even our resident 'Atlantis' fan, SDW, readily admitted it was not their finest hour. I think we found about six different sources that ep ripped off including 'Jeremiah Chrichton'. (At least steal from a good 'Farscape' ep people!) And during 'Stargate' danceswithwords coined our new catch phrase, "You're no Kent McCord." It's still cracking me up. :)

Suffice it to say, we got a lot quieter during Battlestar Galactica. To say we analyzed the ep to death would not be an understatement (we were still chatting about it on the way to the airport Sunday). The consensus seemed to be we enjoyed it overall, but it had some head scratching moments that kept it from being a stellar episode.

Following that, I broke out my 2.0 DVDs so everyone could get a chance to watch them on a big screen. I think I tempted SDW to cave in and buy the set.

We all finally crashed around 2am. Sadly for Mr Bryn there was no hot lesbian action. ;) But I think he was still pleased we managed to keep the squeeing over certain Sci-Fi actors to a minimum.

Saturday morning Bryn made us all waffles and succeeded in not filling the house up with smoke. ;) Following that, the plan was to meet roquelaure and shmarollynn at the Sci-Fi museum - both of whom are much better managing their time than us because they were the first ones there. I'm very happy to have gotten to meet them both in person and they continued my streak of excellent experiences meeting fellow LJers. Sadly, Roq had to leave to go meet a friend for lunch so we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, but she made an great tour guide and put my geek cred to shame. Shmarollynn was brave enough to stick with us through lunch and a trek to Starbucks. Luckily she's a recent BSG convert and, I discovered, a 'Hornblower' fan (YAY!) so I don't think we bored her too much with our theories and fawning. I really hope we all get to hang out again next time I visit. :)

As for the Sci-Fi museum, it's lacking in some departments - no 'Firefly', no new BSG, and very little 'Farscape', but you can see the beginnings of a very nice collection from all media. What was definitely worth the price of the ticket was the Alien Queen from Aliens. She's huge! And if you stand at the front of the display (they have her enclosed in a glass structure made to resemble the cargo bay) and look right up into the mouths, it's rather intimidating.

Did everyone know the Seahawks were in the playoffs? I didn't. It was fun to be a in city with a team winning a playoff game. Being from Michigan it will never happen here. :p Bryn, Mr Bryn, and I ended up watching most of the New England/Denver game that night and even though I haven't watched football in years, I fell right back into my pattern of yelling at the television.

I had to be at the airport by 10:30 on Sunday (the one day I was there it didn't rain!) so no time to do anything. DSW was kind enough to get up early and make her way to Bryn's house to accompany us to breakfast and the airport. I missed seeing SDW, but I understood the allure of sleeping in.

Now it's just a matter of planning our Vancouver stalking expedition. :-)
Asta 2

Resurrection Ship Pt 2

I hope this makes sense. I typed it up as I was watching the Golden Globes. Let me just say about the awards...YAY! Hugh! Ryan and Reese are just too cute and must never divorce. And the DH cast pretending to be all lovey-dovey? Puh-leeze. I'm sure Felicity will be real popular on the set tomorrow. Now, on to the show...

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