January 24th, 2006

Asta 2

Um, yeah, I got nothing here

Anyone else been having problems with Amazon.com lately? At work it's been taking forever for pages to load (if they load at all) and, tonight, when I tried placing an order using a Borders gift card it took me 45 minutes. It kept telling me I couldn't use the gift card to order Amazon merchandise. Accept I ordered through the Borders.com link. After deleting my entire order twice, the third time seemed to be the charm.

In addition to ordering a b-day gift for my mom, I ordered a Sarah McLachlan and Eastmountainsouth CD because of sdwolfpup's IJVP. I wonder if the recorde labels are aware of this kind of free advertising? ;)

wisteria_ mentioned on her LJ tonight that BSG is going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone....sort of. They have a blurb - 'Battlestar Galactica: The Toughest, Smartest Show on Television' - which would indicate a significant article. Kenya West as Jesus Christ is the cover photo. I'm not going to even comment on that one.

Scrubs 100th episode was brilliant. Collapse )

Oh, and since I haven't mentioned the insanity of my workplace in awhile. I found out today that there is a firm mandate that we only use yellow post-its. Colors are deemed "unprofessional". I now have eight different colors sitting on my desk. :-)
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