January 25th, 2006

Is It Friday Yet?  - bulletproofbabe

Podcast for 'Epiphanies'

I figured I should get around to listening to the podcast for ‘Epiphanies’ before the next episode airs Friday. I managed to listen to it before leaving for work this morning – moving the laptop from room to room as I got ready. (Feel free to laugh.) And I’m so dedicated to listening so you don’t have to, I was late for work. Actually, I’m usually late for work because I’m not so much dedicated to that. ;)

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If you haven’t already done so, you must read janeespenson blog. It’s scary how much she sounds like us. Yesterday she posted about the UPN/WB merger and the freak outs that must be taking place all over Hollywood. But this bit in particular is why I adore her..."I’m going to have dinner tonight at a very industry-heavy hotspot. I’ll report back and let you know if there are any Ear-nfernos nearby. I’ll be very interested to overhear the other tables." She’s going to give us gossip!

And here are two PSA’s regarding potential spoilage. Do not read the ‘Entertainment Weekly’ blurb regarding this week’s Smallville episode. I think they make it pretty clear what the big moment will be. And new promo photos were released for BSG last night/this morning. This means new icons. So, if you are one of my very spoiler phobic friends, I’d suggest sticking to your own Flist for the next few weeks.