February 14th, 2006

Asta 2

Good News/Bad News - You Decide.

I caught this at TV Guide.com:

Serenity star Nathan Fillion has been cast in 'White Noise 2: The Light', a follow-up to the 2005 horror flick. Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff is in talks to costar.

It took me a minute to recall that there was, in fact, a 'White Noise'. That movie actually did well enough to warrant a sequel? I smell direct to video.

For Valentine's Day, I've got nothing to share with you all. Call it a lack of creativity (at least as far as this internet thingee goes) and paralyzed with not caring very much. ;) I do appreciate the pretty pictures the rest of you are sharing though. :)

Oh, and before someone complains I forgot to remind them (you know who you are) there is a new epsiode of House tonight. I'm sure he'll be in a Hallmark mood after last week's events. :p
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Asta 2

Driven to 'Distractions'

I need to thank the anonymous LJ folks who bestowed upon me two boxes of candy. You must know me fairly well since you didn’t go with the flowers. ;)

Last night I watched an episode of ‘Stargate: SG-1’. Why? I’m not exactly certain. It was the ep where Daniel Jackson comes back after pursuing other acting opportunitiesascending. (Why am I using his full name? Damn you T’ealc!) Anyway, Daniel comes back with amnesia and the process of regaining his memories begins. Of course, I should have known this wasn’t going to be wrapped up in an hour. More surprising than that though is that I went “Crap” when I saw “To Be Continued”. I’m finding it deeply disturbing that I cared, how this was to be resolved. Unfortunately, since I went shopping immediately after work tonight, I missed the conclusion. danceswithwords now more than ever I await your recaps. I believe you are still in the midst of Corin Nemic forgettable appearance though so I must wait. : (

In happier news, I just finished watching ‘House’ and…..OMG! My fandoms have collided! This warrants a Collapse )

Why is ‘House’ on at 8 pm EST Monday next week? Are we going to be forced to endure two hours of ‘American Idol’ instead?

Oh, where would one find screencaps for this past weeks BSG? I think I need knew a new pic up on my monitor at work and there were a few nice shots of Jamie in that ep. ;-)

Olympic observation: If looks counted in figure skating, this guy from France would definitely medal. :)