February 16th, 2006

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I'll begin by posting what you've come to expect from me...Galactica news!

In case you haven't already heard, apparently the season finale will be ninety minutes. However, given that I've seen it referred to as a 'BSG special' I wonder if it's an hour ep plus a recap of what's come before? Or after having to trim so much from 'Pegasus', Ron was able to convince the network to give him more time? We shall see.

Up at the Sci-Fi website is a promo that differs from the one that aired after the ep last week. This one focuses more on Kara and shows that this should be a more action oriented episode. After several weeks of character introspection, this may be a good thing.

I watched Invasion last night. Collapse )

At work, my whining skills finally paid off. :) I've been after one of those hand-held, upright staplers for awhile, but with no success. Yesterday, the person I've been after to get me one was in accounting and noticed how I stapled with the old fashion kind. He tells me I should get a hand held model. :/ I point out that I've made numerous requests to him for one. "No, you haven't." "Yes, I have." "No, you haven't." Let's just say that went on for awhile. I also mentioned one in blue would be nice. So, what did I get this morning? :) Yes, I have a spiffy new stapler! Which I was very excited about. I feel just like the guy in Office Space. ;-)