February 17th, 2006

Asta 2

Not All Corporate Giants Are Bad Apparently

Last night I bit the bullet and decided to sign up for SBC’s DSL deal. I opted to go with the slightly more expensive option because faster is better (at lease in this situation). I set up an online account before placing my order since I figured I’d be required to do so. In the final step of the process they ask you a question about sharing your info with their family of companies and that by saying no I’m depriving myself of special offers. I said no because I don’t want a bunch of calls and e-mails regarding junk I don’t want. The same question popped up again and, again, I said no. Well, when I went back to place my order I now found there was no way to do so. Apparently, by saying no to their "family" it prevented me from ordering from them.

This morning I contacted customer service all prepared for a hassle. Instead, I got a very pleasant and helpful young women who looked at my account, couldn’t understand why I couldn’t place the order, and offered to do so for me. She also asked a lot of questions that I’m not sure the site would have asked and made sure I’d get the correct equipment. I also found out I could get a wireless modem for $30 (the regular modem is free with a rebate coupon).

Once she placed the order, I took the opportunity to ask about my phone bill. No need for unlimited calling when I won’t be using dial-up. So I’ll now be saving money on that too.

All and all it was a fast, simple, and painless experience. I shall have to refrain from bad mouthing SBC for awhile.

And because it’s Sci-Fi Friday, let’s talk BSG. ;-) I found confirmation of the extended season finale at Zap2it. Here’s an edited version of the announcement - they posted a summary for the two-part finale and I know some want to avoid that information.

The end of "Battlestar Galactica's" second season will come a little later than expected. A half-hour later, to be exact. The Sci Fi Channel series will extend its season finale to 90 minutes -- although the network says that still won't be enough time to resolve the show's myriad plot threads.

The finale, scheduled for Friday, March 10, will revolve around...Evil spoilers omitted!

"Battlestar Galactica" has become one of Sci Fi's most popular series since its October 2004 premiere (following a 2003 miniseries). The show, which regularly draws 3 million or more viewers, has also gathered a fair share of critical praise.

Production on season three is scheduled to begin in the spring.
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