February 20th, 2006

Asta 2

Catching Up

I couldn't get online earlier today so this is a late reminder that House is on tonight at 8est. It's a one week only deal since 'American Idol' runs two hours tomorrow night. I also have a suspicion that FOX is testing it in this time slot because, at one time, the network had intended to move the show midseason and bump 'Bones' to the post AI slot.

Still no podcast for this past week's BSG. Apparently there were "technical difficulties". I thought that might mean a delay, but now I'm thinking it was never recorded. Sadly, I was actually looking forward to a podcast for 'The Captain's Hand'. Not even Ron could have ruined my enthusiasm. :)

And slightly belated birthday wishes to claudia_yvr. Happy Birthday! sweetie. You are such a dear and as a recent convert to BSG I only wish you posted more. ;) I hope you had a great and, most importantly, non-stressful day. :-)

Oh, and I finally managed to catch the entire first season, all six episodes (only six? I now see why U.S. television is so popular), of Slings & Arrows on the Sundance Channel. It's probably one of the most witty and intelligent series I've ever seen. I actually wish I could have seen their full production of 'Hamlet'. And I think I love Rachel McAdams. Season 2 started last night with 'Macbeth' the featured production. This should be entertaining. :)
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