February 22nd, 2006

Asta 2

Oh What A Beautiful Day

Let's start with the negative, which there wasn't much of. I now know why people tend to take the day off from work on their birthdays. See, my office, on their intranet page, list 'Today's Birthdays' so I encountered a steady stream of e-mails, phone calls, and people stopping me in the hall to wish me a happy birthday. You can guess how productive my day was.

And keeping with a tradition I can recall as far back as the age of five, I seemed to have picked up an illness of some sort. The tired and achy kind. Hopefully it won't progress further. But, yes, it wouldn't be my birthday without me facing down a cold.

Now, on to the good. There was cake! Chocolate with chocolate frosting from scratch. No mixes. From my bestest friend in accounting. Tomorrow will be lunch out with the girls and the guy who runs our mail room. Why he hangs out with us so much I don't know. Actually, he's a married male who has an excuse to hang out with seven women. Never-mind.

Work was also interrupted by my constant trips to my Flist. You are all much too sweet and kind and generous. I actually had a Sally Field "You like me. You really like me!" moment. (Feel free to slap me.) I also was the beneficiary of a lot of Bamber. From wickedgillie's choice screencap pick to sdwolfpup's Lee/Laura fic with pictures! to k_julia's Lee/Laura sexy/angsty fic that would help explain a lot! And I've decided that 'autograph' is a euphemism. ;)

My plans this evening were a bit wacky. I had them, canceled them do to illness, felt well enough to meet up for a bit, had my friend cancel because she was pissed off with her husband, picked up takeout on the way home, only to have her call me and decide to come over (with takeout) because see needed a break from her husband. Least I could still veg. We watched home decorating shows and mocked people. Caught a commercial on Sci-Fi for 'Doctor Who' (her channel flipping puts mine to shame) and found out she and hubby are 'Who' fans, but were clueless about the "cute" (her word) new Doctor so I ended up burning her copies of the last series while she was here.

The DSL arrived yesterday...and is still in the box. Too tired to deal with it yet. And I received dragonfly0303's prezzie. Much thanks and a great addition to my classic film collection. :) And lynnb I'm trying to determine where your package is. Though we had no postal service Monday, someone tried to deliver it??? Now I need to determine if the apartment complex office has it or the post office. The card they left made no sense. But thanks!

And I have to share some other things that have made me very happy the past couple days that had nothing to do with me. inlovewithnight has posted her latest edition of Drunken Hornblower Theatre. This time she mocks (with love!) The Wrong War. Hilarious. And over at hh_slash romanticalgirl has posted Ride At Anchor which is one of the best Horatio/Archie fics I've ever read. It's set pre-'Mutiny'. The characterizations are spot-on, the language is rich and fabulous, and hotter than the sex is them talking about it. Go read!

Ok, it's now time for a shower and sleep and nip this bug in the bud!

::Hugs:: to you all. :)