February 23rd, 2006

Asta 2

So, So Tired

The good news is the dreaded sore throat/runny nose/cough has yet to show itself. But I still feel exhausted. If this keeps up a nap may be required before Sci-Fi Friday tomorrow.

I did try to get the DSL hooked up tonight. OK, maybe this is obvious to most people, but when the SBC operator told me I could set up the DSL before the activation of the service tomorrow, I assumed that meant I could just turn on the computer tomorrow and be good to go. Well, after Step 4 was still running after nearly a half hour (total set-up time is suppose to be about a half hour) I thought something was wrong. I checked troubleshooting in the manual and it said something about installing equipment *after* the 'service order completion date/date due' which I take to mean the activation date of 2/24. The hardware is set up at least. That part I actually could have done without ever inserting the software. Gee, put the phone line in the phone port? Who knew! And the illustration putting the plug in the outlet? Very helpful.

jonesiexxx I received The Upside of Anger today. Thanks! I really enjoyed the movie when I saw it in the theatre and when I saw it again a couple weeks ago on HBO I liked it even more. The story has some fairly major plot problems. It still bugs me that we never understand why Joan Allen's character makes the rather huge assumption she does about her husband. Nor do we ever see the sweet, kind woman she supposedly was before he left her. But, God, is she fabulous in the role. How she didn't get an Oscar nod is beyond me. And Kevin Costner, who I haven't really liked in anything since, er, the late 80's/early 90's? is really good here. That's a really long explaination behind my appreciation for this gift. ;)

And, lynnb, I finally tracked down the box! I did have to sign for it at the post office. That coupled with the before mentioned waste of money for express shipping is why you are swearing to never do that again. ;) Anyway, she got me an M&M toothbrush! In blue! Which I'll never use because it's much too cute! :) And I'm also the proud owner of the smallest camera I've ever seen outside of a Bond film. I'll try to figure that out after I get this DSL thing licked. Thank you!

OK, time to go crash on the couch again...