March 11th, 2006

Asta 2

Backtracking A Bit

I know I've stated on a couple of occassions that I would not discuss spoilage here simply because most of my FList don't so spoilage and it's just easier for them and me if I post my thoughts elsewhere. However, I'm going to bend my rule a bit. I saw ysrith posted over at thesecretcylon a link to an interview with Ron Moore in Now Playing regarding the shows plans for the third season. It's not super spoilery, meaning, we don't find out Lee Adama is a Cylon. ;) But he does discuss where they will be headed next season including Collapse ) So, if you feel your stomach will be in knots until October, You may wish to check out the article. Now I shall get back to contemplating what we did see. Of course, it's a beautiful day and I should be out rather than thinking about all this. :p
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