March 22nd, 2006

Asta 2

Why I Need to Post More Often

Well, you can tell Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica is over, I’m a lot quieter. ;) Actually, it has as much to do with me taking a mini vacation from work. I go back tomorrow, but I’ve had four blissful days away from my job. Of course, Friday I have to move to a new floor as renovations are ongoing. Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll take pictures of my new environs.

I was also feeling my brain was being fried by spending so much time on the net. So, I’ve only been perusing LJ for brief periods (by my standards). I think I’ve managed to not miss any good fic or life altering events. And so this isn’t completely BSG free, there is an interview with Katee, Jamie, and Mary at It’s the rare spoiler-free interview.

In addition to doing a massive amount of cleaning and laundry and feeling somewhat organized for the first time in what seems like years, I did mange to interact with people. I had a couple lunch dates with friends and Sunday I went to see V for Vendetta with my mother (she *loved* it and wonders what that says about her ;). It was much better than I expected. I always fear the worse when going to a genre film and to compound matters it’s an adaptation of well regarded work. Collapse )

I also found the time to finish up watching Ultimate Force. It’s good to know that the Brits can produce shows that suck too. You know those interviews in which Jamie discusses how unhappy he was with the show and how the first chance he got he headed to LA to look for work? I get it now. The show is bad on so many levels. On the other hand, had it not been for the badness of it he wouldn’t be playing Lee Adama right now. Collapse )

I finished up watching season 2 of Newsradio. One of he later eps of the season now has an added layer of humor. In the episode where Jimmy loses Bill in a poker game and Lisa tries to win him back, it’s Dave that attempts to explain the rules of poker to her. The same Dave Foley who as host of ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown’ doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. ;)

And moving on to another Kid in the Hall, Mark McKinney…. Collapse )

And last, but certainly not least, to lynnb a very, very…


Lynn is one of my very first online friends. And one of the individuals who I could always count on for intelligent, sane reasoning and massive support when things were not going well at the board we shall not speak of. ;) She is witty, wise, cute as a button and one of the most generous and thoughtful souls I know. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with many good things. Sadly, that will not include a present from me because a certain shipper is dragging its feet in getting your prezzie to me. But it shall be forth coming. ::Hugs::