March 28th, 2006

Asta 2

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A gentle reminder...

New HOUSE Tonight! And new eps every week through May!

There. Happy? :p

Belated birthday wishes to marcee12. Happy Birthday! I didn't forget, I was just too lazy to post this weekend. ;) I hope you had a great day. Hopefully it was nice enough to enjoy the new patio. :)

I just saw the good news that The Adventures of Brisco County Jr will be released on DVD on July 18. And the cover art I voted for was the winner! The bad news? The retail price is $99.98. WTF? Sure, there are extras, but not enough to warrant that pricing. Even with the discounted sites it ain't going to be cheap.

This weekend brought us (in the U.S.) the season finale of Slings & Arrows. Collapse )
Asta 2

'House' Is On Soon So This Shall Be Quick

Wow. Tonight's American Idol blows. Did nearly everyone think they could just coast this week?

After the debate that raged over Ella Enchanted's merits, or lack thereof, between x_h00ine and thegoyle in the comments of a recent post, I succumbed and watched it on TV earlier this evening. I'm torn. I was forced to flip channels several times out of embarrassment for the actors, but Mr Dancy was quite charming (yes, I know it's a pun, but it's true!). Though he should never, NEVER, sing or dance again. And as much as I'm growing to like him (he showed much more personality here then in the other two productions I've seen him in) I don't think I'll be able to drag myself to the theatre to see Basic Instinct 2.
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