April 4th, 2006

Asta 2

Honorable Mentions

Ok, once we get past Europe I get very confused over time differences so I'm not sure if I'm early, on time, or late wishing egirl a...

Happy Birthday!!!

She's cute, she's sweet, has excellent taste in TV (accept I need to get her on the BSG bandwagon) and she's very, very bright (she was the first among us to leave The Board That Shall Not Be Named ;). I know the pre-birthday bash went great, here's hoping you have equal success this coming weekend. :)

Oh, and lest I fail in my responsibilites - New 'HOUSE' Tonight! With Michelle Trachenberg. There may be mocking in my recap. ;)

And because I have a few minutes to kill, a meme courtesy of inlovewithnight. Collapse )
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Asta 2

The Bad and The Brilliant

The bad? My car that was suppose to be ready to pick this afternoon is not ready. The part that was to come in did not. I'd say this teaches me to by a foreign car accept the part is in Ohio. :/

The brilliant is inlovewithnight's multi fandom analysis. I didn't think I could assess her take on the 'Hornblower' fandom until I realize I fit in it ;) and the BSG, 'Firefly' and 'Buffy' descriptions are too true.