April 22nd, 2006

Lee/Laura - By Your Side

Battlestar Galactica Mini Thoughts

I watched the mini again early last week. It seems to be the thing to do as of late. I’m sensing all this rewatching on my Flist might have something to do with the loooooong hiatus. I also realized I am physically incapable of watching ‘Galactica’ without taking notes. Granted, I did make a few “Why didn’t I catch that before observations?!”, but I’m also certain I was jotting stuff down for the third or forth time. Of course, some of it has to do with fic research. ;) Anyway, since there has not been a copious amount of discussion as of late, I figured I’d post my observations. Sorry if I’m being redundo girl on some points.

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And I was hoping to get these up earlier, but this post took longer than I thought it would…

TV Reminders:

  • 'Doctor Who' is available for download!
  • ’Elizabeth 1’ - Part 1 premieres at 8est on HBO with numerous showings to follow. (Part 2 airs Monday.)
  • ’Mammoth’ airs at 9est on Sci-Fi. The only reason I mention this is that Summer Glau stars.