May 4th, 2006

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Well, I Think We Knew This Was Coming Eventually...


More Star Wars DVDs, You Will Buy

It's the news Star Wars fans didn’t want to give up hope on, but never expected to actually hear: On sept. 12, George Lucas is releasing on DVD the original theatrical versions of the first trilogy — minus the modern digital effects and politically correct story points (I'm talking to you, Guido) added on in subsequent reissues. Each film will be treated as a two-disc package that includes, if only for mockery, its "tweaked" 2004 version. And if you don’t believe this was Lucas' profiteering plan all along, I have womp rat in Beggar's Canyon to sell you.

Now, this set I will buy as much as I hate to give George one more cent of my money. The originals! No cheesy Jabba! Han shoots first again! :-)
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