May 10th, 2006

Asta 2

Bamber Spam

Early this morning I saw wisteria_ post a link to video footage of a photo shoot/interview with Jamie Bamber at the TV Guide site (Thank You!). Jamie Bamber Photo Shoot. Scroll about three quarters of the way down the page to find the link.

I just finished watching it and I HIGHLY recommend checking this out if you are a fan (and FYI, surprisingly, he does not talk about spoilers beyond the season finale). Collapse )

Btw, anyone know of a way to copy/save the footage? If I can’t right click/save I’m lost.
Is It Friday Yet?  - bulletproofbabe

Wednesday TV and Other Stuff

This feels like one of the longest work weeks ever…and it’s only Wednesday.

I’m also growing to hate the local airport. Don't ask.

But, to focus on the positive, the apartment complex *finally* replaced my broken old microwave with a pretty new one. I can boil water again! ;) My order from Kiehl’s came only two days after placing my order and that was with free shipping. And I won two auctions on eBay without getting into a bidding war or spending more than I wanted. Of course, I’m not sure I want both items (I couldn’t make up my mind) so one may end up a Christmas gift.

Some thoughts on tonight’s TV…

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Now off to bed. 'Bones' shall have to wait for viewing another day.