May 21st, 2006

Asta 2

Is it Friday yet?

Yes, I'm already looking forward to a long weekend.

May seems to be the month a lot of my LJ buddies were born in and I just can't keep up. Unless I wish to post everyday and, HA!, like that's going to happen. So a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the delightful treacle_a. Where's the talk of cake and presents? There's more to life than House woman! ;p

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Went to Target yesterday and finally broke down and bought a flash drive. Not only did I get an excellent deal, I figured out how to use it right away. Here's where the balloon bursts. I took it in to work with me to transfer/print some documents and guess what? My computer is an antique and isn't reading the device. Sigh.

Ok, just a short time ago I saw a commercial for the new Fast and Furious film. Anyone remember little Lucas Black who starred in 'Sling Blade', 'The X-Files' movie, and 'American Gothic'? May I say WOW? I mean, he's no Bamber or Jackman, but color me impressed.