May 29th, 2006

Asta 2

Memorial Weekend Update

I watched 'X-Men', the one that started it all, last night. I know my opinion of the 'The Last Stand' has been more positive than many people, but I think all three hold together fairly well as a trilogy. I can't wait until the DVD release to do a marathon.

Speaking of 'X', I have created a monster with my mother. I've lost count of how many phone calls I've received regarding her questions, theories and updates on box office totals. And she tries to argue her points with me. For example (non-spoilery version):

Mom: Maybe that was...
Me: No, it wasn't.
Mom: Why not?
Me: They don't have that power.
Mom: Are you sure?

Am *I* sure??? OK, maybe I don't want her to start watch 'Galactica' because things could get ugly.

Speaking of 'Galactica' (don't you love all the segues ;), I appear to be at the tweaking stage of my Lee/Laura Fixathon story. Which would put me, the great procrastinator, about three weeks ahead of schedule. It seems what inspires me most is fear. See, both me and my beta have vacations scheduled over the next three weeks, so it was get it done now or have a panic attack on June 16th.

This afternoon I *finally* cracked open my 'Hornblower' boxed set and watched the first two films, The Duel and The Fire Ships. Collapse )

If you noticed I did not post about this week's Doctor Who that should tell you something. Collapse )