June 17th, 2006

Asta 2

Lee/Laura Fixathon Fic

For The BSG Hiatus Laura-and-Lee Fixathon and jennyo who wanted angry, confrontational sex set right after ‘Epiphanies’, a discussion of why Lee doesn't care anymore, talk about food if possible, and preferred shippy/angry shippy dynamic. Hope you (and everyone else) like it. :)

Title: Sway
Pairing: Lee/Laura – Duh!
Rating: NC-17, M…let’s just say there’s quite a bit of inappropriate touching. ;)
Summary: Angry sex is a bitch to write, but I think I did pretty well with the rest. This is set shortly after ‘Black Market' and Lee’s still in a foul mood when he encounters an unexpected visitor in his father’s quarters.
Disclaimer: I didn’t create them and don’t own them. Thank NBC/Universal, Sci-Fi, and even Ron Moore for, without whom, we’d have Bryan Singer giving us no Jamie, no Mary, but Commander Boxey. Just sayin’.
Feedback: Very much appreciated, be honest – I’m still learning!

Thanks to danceswithwords for all her assistance with the galley. ;) And much gratitude to my invaluable beta k_julia. I’d burn the first draft if I had ever actually printed it out.

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