June 24th, 2006

Asta 2

Catching Up

I've been relatively silent this past week. Between vacation, training on the accounting system upgrade, and having to attend a diversity seminar I'm massively behind at work (what's new?) and too tired to do much of anything when I get home. Plus, clutz that I am, I managed to either break my toe or severly hyper extend it. No, I have not been to the doctor and have no plans to unless it gets worse. I've broken this same toe before and there was nothing they could do then but make me walk on crutches for a week. I must have done far greater damage that time because I have about a quarter of the pain and I can put weight on it. I'm still limping noticably though which made work fun yesterday. And my co-workers didn't quite seem to grasp me telling them "I can't walk around to pass out checks." For those of you who don't know my firm is located on six floors of the building. And, of course, I've told my mother NOTHING about this to avoid her demanding I go to the ER. Here ends the whining portion of the post. ;)

I still owe you all a more detailed vacation write up. Considering I can't do all the shopping I planned to do this weekend, I hope to get to that tomorrow.

Now, over the past couple of days I've noticed much discussion about the starting up of journals over at Greatest Journal. I'm not exactly sure why the hive mind kicked in right now. LJ is making some questionable 'improvements' which has people fearing for the future. There also seem to be fears about another potential LJ black out like the one we had the last time they decided to upgrade things. So whether it's paranoia or wise planning, I now have many friends with two journals. Since I'm a sheep who is terrified of being left behind (childhood issues) I started up a new journal just in case. Some bitch/bastard already had Asta, but, PHEW!, Asta77 was still available. The freaky thing is between the time I set it up this afternoon and tinkering with it this evening, I was friended by six people and got a reply from thomasina75 as soon as I posted. Anyway, if you have a GJ and I'm not aware of it, Go Here And Friend Me and I'll friend you back, just in case. Oh, one mocking reply about my GJ post and you will find yourself defriended. :p

Now I know Greatest Journal has far fewer users, but I'm the *only* one who lists Lee/Laura as an interest??? And one of three that lists Archie/Horatio? That's just wrong.

And I wonder if all of us talking about GJ may get LJ to listen to the complaints a bit more?

In other news...Anyone else growing annoyed by the netspeak icons? I'm OK with some, like "WTF?", perhaps because I check LJ at work, but do we need "O Rly?" instead of spelling out "Oh, Really?"

There's been some personal statement of fandom meme circulating. I don't think I have many unpopular opinions. Sure, I don't get Lee/Kara, I'd rather have House sleep with Cameron than Wilson, I like season 4 of BtVS better than Season 3, and don't believe Marti is Satan's offspring, but I just personally don't find all that that strange. So, in lieu of doing the meme, I thought I'd share part of a little something I came across in my files the other day. Back in February 2004 I printed out some info from The Futon Critic regarding shows in development. I apparently thought some of these looked interesting. A fair share never made it into production (The Robinsons: Lost in Space) or didn't last long (Eyes). But there are some we have become very familiar with, though these early descriptions were more than a little lacking as to what we ended up getting:

Untitled David Shore Project - Jennifer Morrison has been added to the cast of the drama pilot, which revolves around a team of doctors charged with solving complicated medical mysteries that mystify other health-care professionals. She'll play a member of said team alongside previously cast Robert Sean Leonard.

Is it any wonder that I didn't tune into House until I saw a commercial with Hugh Laurie?

Veronica Mars - Enrico Colantoni has been tapped to star opposite Kristen Bell in the drama pilot, which revolves around a spoiled teen girl (Bell) who reunites with her estranged father (Colantoni) and helps him in his private eye business.

Either someone got some bad info or there was some major rewriting of the pilot.

Oh, look, my 'Who' torrent *finally* decided to start moving. Iguess I will be able to watch it tomorrow. :p