July 4th, 2006

Is It Friday Yet?  - bulletproofbabe

Tomorrow I Have To Go Back To Work ::Weeps::

On the brightside, it will only be a three day work week. On the downside, typing this is a bitch because, oh, I cut my finger earlier making dinner. That new knife I got works really well! And between the foot injury and this I'm taking my clutziness to whole new levels.

So out of four days off, I managed to spend three of those days at my apartment. Thursday and Friday I did some major cleaning in preparation for visitors in two weeks. Actually, less than two weeks now. Eeeeee!!! I wish I could have thrown out more crap, but apparently I actually use a lot of stuff. And it's best not to mention some of the cleaning done in the kitchen.

Saturday I went on a quest to find new bedding. The plan is to reuse the comforters (I checked some out anyway and found nothing that compares to the quality of what I have), but I needed a mattress pad and sheets most definitely. I went with the mid-priced mattress pad. Who needs a heavily padded top when you have a pillow top mattress? And the sheets are made of bamboo. Who knew? Which turned out to be softer, imho, then some of the 600 thread count sheets I fondled. So I have bedding, deduced I don't have to move any furniture, but now must await the delivery of the bed.

In addition to cleaning and organizing, I've watched quite a bit TV. Finally saw 'The Notebook' in one of it's millionth showings on cable. Wasn't blown away, but Rachel and Ryan are OMG So Cute! And from all the kissing they got to do on screen I can see why they coupled up. And James Garner broke my heart at one point. But, no, I won't be running out to buy it on DVD.

I watched some of Wimbledon which I haven't done in years. My mother got her wish and saw Agassi go down in flames. Ok, maybe not flames, but it was essentially over after the first set. Neither one of us have ever been fans of his so we enjoyed the moment. ;) I also have enjoyed some good, but short lived TV. I managed to get through the first two discs of Ned & Stacey. Did Debra Messing ever win an Emmy for Will & Grace? I ask, because it now occurs to me she essentially played the same character on both shows so, not really doing much acting. I've watched the first six episodes of Eyes courtesy of romanticalgirl. Tim Daly is far too pretty not to have a successful show on the air dammit. And, right now, I'm watching Slings & Arrows which is making me contemplate viewing Due South. However, I'm too cheap to buy something I've never seen...unless it stars Hugh Jackman or Jamie Bamber. ;)

I'm probably the only person on LJ who hasn't seen Superman Returns yet. I had planned to go, but my movie buddy was out of town and then as I read reactions here I kind of lost interest again.

My big accomplishment is I fixed my e-mail! And I don't know how! I've had to compose all my emails in plain text because when I attempted to use rich text I get booted to a blank screen. Today, _jems_ posted a link to some cool Firefox extensions and I downloaded a couple plus some other updates I happened across and now I can use rich text again. Wheeeee!!!

The only thing I failed to accomplish was writing a single word of fic. Though, by taking care of so much other crap I now feel like I have time to write so maybe it was a good trade off.