July 9th, 2006

Asta 2

Time Lords and Pirates and Vipor Pilots, Oh My

Series 2 or Season 28 (or however you refer to it) of Doctor Who has come to a close. Why am I not terribly surprised that my take differs from every other I've read? Collapse )

On a happier note ;), I saw Pirates of the Caribbean this morning. If you haven't heard/read it had a 132 million dollar weekend - a new record. It would help to explain how a 10am showing was 75% full. I'm still leaning to the first film as being better, but I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The effects were amazing, which is usually a given in film today, but the thing about the effects here is that they were part of the story, not detracting from it. Effects, action, character moments all flowed seamlessly together. Johnny I felt improved on his performance. There were subtler Captain Jack moments. And the sword fight (which I loved in the first film) was superior here. Totally unbelieveable of course, but it rocked technically. And kudos to Johnny's double for getting his mannerisms down. Collapse )

I'm seeing bits and pieces of info pop up around LJ from Jamie's Q&A at Shore Leave this weekend. He mentioned some spoilery stuff, nothing major (they really are clamping down!) and nothing I hadn't already heard accept for one tiny thing. Collapse )

Now off to clean some more. I think I still have company coming this week. ;-)
Asta 2

Please Allow Me To Spam You

First off, I rarely ever watch Inside the Actors Studio. It would be a great show if not for the host and his stupid questions. But tonight Robert Downey Jr was on and I was intrigued by the possibility of seeing an hour with a clean and sober Robert. I think I smiled throughout the entire interview simply because he was healthy and happy and honest about his colorful past. God I hope this sticks because he's so talented and working consistantly again. I'm sure this will be repeated, if you're a fan, check it out.

On Friday brynnmck announced the Why Can't We Be Friends Ficathon. An idea born on the road somewhere between Seattle and Vancouver which I have agreed to co-mod. Yes, I am insane in case you haven't already noticed. Anyway, I have many talented writers on my Flist and I encourage you to cough up 500 words or else I'll... please sign up. Porn's great, but sometimes characters just need to talk. If you have two favorite characters who you don't wish to imagine having sex, here's your chance to have that happen. 'Core' fandoms are listed, but you also get wildcard options. So if you've dreamnt about Helo and Angel sitting down to talk about the perils of having otherworldly children now's the time to ask. And if you don't feel you can contribute, please spread the word. The more people we have sign up the more likely I am to get my Lee and Helo fic. :) Comments are being screened so we can protect fandom from how crazy we all are for the time being.

And, finally, my friend S and I got talking about bad movies today, more specifically, the worst film we own on DVD. We had quite the debate with her assuring me she has far more bad films than I do. I brought up Ghost Rig and spending a week downloading season 1 of Ultimate Force. But I had to admit defeat when she brought up her love of Ice Pirates and how excited she was when it finally came out on DVD. The point of me stating all this is I thought it might be fun to ask what is the worst movie you own? The one you are almost embarassed to admit having, but, dammit, you like it or at least had a damn good reason for buying it. I perused my DVDs again this evening and I have to say, it looks like Ghost Rig remains the winner for me. ;-)