July 13th, 2006

Asta 2

Bored Ramblings

While I not so patiently await the arrival of writteninstars and anglophileangel, I've...

* Gone into work for a few hours instead of going in on Sunday. Big mistake. Never will do that again. What part of "I'm not really here" do they not understand?

* Received delivery of my brand new mattresses. Wheeeeee!!! So comfy.

* One of the delivery guys is a Buffy fan. On the way out the door he noticed my authographed drawing of James Marsters and asked if he really signed it.
When I said yes and was surprised that he knew who it was he stated Spike was one of his favorite characters. He even quoted a line from the show.

* Called my mom to tell her I was so very, very tired between work, mattress moving, and the mild case of insomnia I've been suffering from. My mother
suggested reading.....but nothing involving Jamie Bamber. Hee!

* Been watching The X-Files finale on Sci-Fi. Was it really this boring the first time around?

OK, Ms Writteninstars has called to say they got sidetracked due to road construction (tis the season) and are about an hour away. She also *finally* asked for directions to my apartment. And try to explain a 'Michigan Left' to someone over the phone when they have no clue as to what it is you are talking about.

ETA: I just picked up the phone thinking it was another directional call ;) and it was a telemarketer claiming to be from Discover Card. I say claim because generally their people don't have to keep stopping and starting their sales pitch. Anyway, all I heard was "free credit report" followed by how they can "monitor daily" my accounts and I just figured this is where the small monthly fee would come it. When I stated I already had access to a free credit report I was told there's is better and more detailed. I said these are reputable credit agencies and, thanks, but I pass. Then she said sarcastically, "Well, good luck to you then I hope you don't become a victim of identity theft." At that point I said "Nice attitude from Discover Card" and hung up. Call me crazy, but I'm sensing she'll soon be fired or this was a scam.
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