July 22nd, 2006

Asta 2

News from Comic Con

OK, this is a BSG spoiler free zone...however ;), there is a bit of casting news from Comic Con and I know even some of the spoilerphobes on my Flist don't mind hearing about guest stars. So beneath the cut is just the name of the actor and no mention of the role he/she is playing or how he/she affects the plot. Collapse ) That is all.
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Asta 2

The Lows and Highs of Saturday

Low: Learned I need to prioritize the hard way (damn you LJ!) and got to the post office next door five minutes after it closed.
High: Drove to the one downtown and there was no line.

Low: Realized after I mailed one of the packages I forgot to include something. D'Oh!
High: At least postage is cheap for mailing a single disc.

Low: Went to five different stores and, apparently, my lovely city is only carrying the TV Guide's with 'Lost' and 'Star Trek' on the cover.
High: However, I have the August issue of Out magazine. Wheeeeeeee!!! And there is an additional picture in it! More Wheeeeeeee!!!

Low: Spent money I shouldn't have.
High: Will no longer have to borrow Mom's suitcase because mine is too big and bulky to take on the plane.

Low: Apparently the braintrust at Sci-Fi aired a new Season 3 trailer during the 2am showing of BSG. WTF? Because it would have made no sense to air it during the NEW 'Stargates'. :p
High: Maureen Ryan of The Chicago Tribune did a nice write up on the upcoming season on BSG. There are spoilers (nothing new to me ;), but if you don't care about those evil things go here. And for the spoilerphobes who, like me, have been dying for some webisode info Collapse )
Asta 2

No more BSG related spam after this, I promise

My mom called me to tell me she had tried two stores and no luck finding the BSG cover of TV Guide with, as she puts it, Jamie and "the little blonde girl" behind him. I told her I had tried five stores with no luck and explained that, sometimes, in TV Guide's infinite wisdom they only ship certain covers to certain areas. This is where she gets upset and tells me that she's going to call TV Guide and, as a subscriber, demand they send her an issue with the BSG cover because they can't just pick and choose where they send covers. And if that didin't work she was going to order a set so I could have the one cover. I talked her out of making any calls explaining that it's an old photo and not much of an article and it's not the end of the world if I don't get a copy. But can you tell I'm a spoiled only child? ;-)
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