July 23rd, 2006

Asta 2

I'm Probably the Only One Watching This, But...

So I've been watching Whistler on The N, Noggin, whatever it's called. I tuned in for Nick Lea and stuck around because the show is actually well written and entertaining (though given the sex, drugs, and drinking I'm not sure how this made it on a teen network). I hadn't gotten around to last weeks episode and was watching it this aftrenoon before I caught the newest ep. As Nick and the actress who plays his wife sit in the bar they own discussing their dire financial situation in walks there not-seen-before-now waitress, Kandyse McClure! Oh, it gets better. By the end of the ep she's sitting down talking with the drowning-his-sorrows Nick and is obviously interested in comforting him in other ways. So I'm struck by the fact that Dualla and Krychek could be hooking up and that Kandyse seems to be typcast as the sweet hussy. ;p

I just took a look at the weekend box office and Pirates still dominatesm taking in about 322 million dollars to date. I'm thinking 400 million is not unrealistic. What really amused me is that Lady in the Water took in 18 million. Suckers! Did we not learn from The Village?