July 29th, 2006

Asta 2

Long Post - You Have Been Warned

I was going to do a series of separate, smaller posts, but lethargy has resulted in the mega-post. Let’s begin with the TV round up:

Psych - I still don’t know how I feel about this show. On the one hand, I like the two leads, particularly Dule Hill as Gus. I love how Gus is so eager to rush to the crime scene as soon as Shawn provides him with a juicy detail, but as soon as they get there and they find either a gruesome discovery or confrontation he’s looking for the nearest bathroom to throw up or passing out. :)

The problem is that the cases have been snoozefests and the supporting players bordering on clichés. If the nemesis police detective had a moustache, he may be twirling it. And while I largely like James Roday as Shawn (he’s cute, he’s funny), his exaggerated mannerisms to go along with his ‘visions’ have already begun grating.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Or when good actors get lousy material. I watched two episodes, was unimpressed, and about to give up when raislak highly recommended the Ron Livingston episode. I found it On Demand and decided to give the series one last chance. I ended up fast-forwarding through half of it. I can only assume Stephen King came up with this idea after seeing Serenity.

Life on Mars - My Flist, you did not mislead me on this. I liked it a lot, though no deep thoughts at this point.

Dead Like Me - I’ll reiterate, very Wondersfallish (same guy behind them both so no surprise), but the characters are very different so any similarities aren’t really bugging me. Thus far, Roxy is my favorite character. She’s sarcastic, somewhat cynical, and a little bit bitter. Maybe I like her because she reminds me a lot of…me. ;) Mason is cute and has the accent going for him, but my TV boyfriends have to be smart and sexy and how he died killed the smart part. ;p

Amazing Screw on Head: I’m not a huge animated series fan but I heard David Hyde Pierce and Paul Giammati were voicing two of the characters so I had to check this one out. OMG, it’s so good! Snappy, intelligent dialogue, cool animation, and did I mention the leads? Definitely check this one out – Sci-Fi, Thursday, 10:30est.

So my most recent ‘How Much Did You Spend On This’ purchase (TM my mother) is the audio recording of the BBC adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. When I fangirl, about the only thing that will stop me from buying are the dreaded words “Region 2”. Luckily, CDs are universal so after I discovered that one of Jamie’s radio performances was actually available for listening (the BBC sucks at archiving) I handed over my money to the folks at amazon.com.uk.

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Though I haven’t commented much I wanted all you WriterCon attendees to know I’ve been reading all your posts and enjoying your recaps. And pictures! It’s nice to put faces with names of people I have not yet met.

Battlestar Galactica 2007 calendar! From the cover it looks as if the images are taken from the mini and season 1, but calendar! :-)

Galacticanews provided a link to a transcript provided by tunfaire at captainapollo of Jamie's interview in the lastest official BSG magazine. There be SPOILERS. However, if you skip the second question and answer -"How do you think that year affected Lee as a character?" - and the third question and answer - "How do you think his relationship with his father has been affected?" - there is nothing spoilery and Jamie provides some very interesting insights into his character and the show. My favorite revelation may be he is wearing Grace/Sharon's pregnancy tummy to bulk him up! :)

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