July 30th, 2006

Asta 2

Weekend Wrap Up

I saw Woody Allen Hugh Jackman’s latest, Scoop, this afternoon. If you’re a big fan of Hugh as I am, then, yes, I would recommend going to see this in the theatre. He looks really, really good. And there are a few genuinely funny moments, but there were also many plot problems that I would have taken far more issue with had Hugh not been in the movie. Poor Ian McShane is totally wasted. Don’t let the commercials fool you; he’s probably not even in ten minutes of the film. When he does appear, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Woody is typical Woody though, thank God, he’s playing the fatherly role here. Scarlett was pretty good, showing a decent, if not spectacular knack for the comedy and didn’t seem as oddly paired with Hugh as I feared she may.

Oh, and in one of the final scenes who should appear but…Anthony Head! My fandoms are colliding again.

A pretty decent selection of trailers ran before the film. The Prestige cannot come out soon enough. Curtis Hansen’s latest takes place in the Las Vegas gambling world. Lucky You has Eric Bana playing Texas Hold Em against Robert Duvall. According to imdb, Robert Downey Jr also stars. Shuffle up and deal me in! (Sorry, I had to do it. ;) And there was The Last Kiss with Zach Braff which looked interesting, but I kept thinking about writteninstars lined up for the first showing. ;-)

Saturday night I watched Kingdom of Heaven on HBO. I’m glad I saved my money and skipped this in the theatres. Granted, I was doing other stuff while it was on, but it seemed pointless, nothing more than a series of battles strung together. The films one saving grace was that Orlando looked the best I’ve ever seen him.

I might talk more about this later, but my new boss started this past Monday. The universe decided to get in one last laugh - he has the same first name as the last #!&%!! boss. The good news is that is where all similarities, thus far, seem to end. New boss is nice, polite, respects personal space, has a sense of humor that we can all understand, and OMG IS DOING WORK! After one week he’s already sat down with most of us, begun learning what we do, and set about fixing problems. I’m going to have to get use to working for someone who knows what they are doing again.