July 31st, 2006

Asta 2

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A reminder to all Hugh Laurie fans that he appears on Inside the Actors Studio this evening at 8est.

Due to some screwy scheduling on the part of The N, I missed last week's Whistler. No problem I think, I don't like the show *that* much. But as I'm watching the latest ep yesterday and there are references to a secret relationship and major badness at some party I find myslef in search of a torrent because I must know what they are referring to. Sigh. I'm hooked apparently.

By now I'm sure all of you have heard about Mel Gibson's DUI and the horrific things he apparently said after being arrested. The truth of the situation first hit the net and then the mainstream media by last night. Even my local news station covered they story including his anti-semitic comments. So can someone explain to me how 'Good Morning America' failed to mention any of that? They mention the apology for his behavior and Diane Sawyer went on and on about his struggle with alcoholism going so far to dig out an old interview where he talks about his faith and wife saving him from himself, but none of the ugliness of the situation. Does Mel have some sort of deal with Disney which is owned by ABC? Or is this Diane Sawyer and her usual sucking up to celebrites? I'll be curious to see if the evening newscast handles the story differently.
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