August 8th, 2006

Erm...okay - Lee - Nyuszi

Just To Prove I'm Not Dead

For some reason I've been in a rather cranky mood since Sunday and I can't put my finger on why. No, it's not that reason, I've got about a week until that hits. And I keep meaning to post about stuff, but then when I sit down to do it, nothing seems of interest to me. I did intend to discuss the 'Stargates', but have covered most of my thoughts in others more in depth posts.

I saw Talladega Nights Saturday and was amused. There were some jokes that seemed to go on for a little too long, but I a laughed out loud at several points which is rare for me with mainstream comedies. Of course the thing that amused me most was Gary Cole playing Will Ferrell's dad. First off, Gary is nine years older than Will. Secondly, he's supposed to be a broken down, pot-head, drunk...yet he's in better physical shape than Will. I especially liked the brief shot where Gary's shirt rode up a bit. :) If you didn't know already, I've been a huge fan ever since Midnight Caller.

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Watched the third episode of Life on Mars last night. Unfortunately, I dozed of during the show, which is no reflection of the quality I was just exhausted, and I think I missed something important. Collapse ) Interestingly, the part of the show that grabs me the least is the sci-fi/fantasy/did he travel back in time? angle. It's the relationship between Sam and Gene that I find most fascinating. Though not in that way. ;p

Maybe if I try writing some fic tonight it will help me with my funk. It will probably be BSG related since I think I solved a problem with an idea I had for a fic set during the mini. And I'm still trying to get past my trepidation working in the 'Hornblower' universe. Too many good writers writing Archie and Horatio! ;-)

And why is the internet so quiet today? I'm not even getting much spam. You all are suppose to be entertaining me!
Asta 2

It's All About The Me's

It might call for a poll, but I'm leaning towards declaring Tommy and Janet the most dysfunctional TV couple ever. But whatever issues I have with them and this ep, I think Tommy's speech in the bar helped to compensate.

In other TV news, how did I not know Tim Daly is starring in The Nine??? I probably would have checked out the premiere anyway, but unless it sucks I'll be tuning in every week until ABC decides to cancel it before it's time like they did Eyes. Not that I'm bitter. Speaking of which, I finished watching the twelve eps I have thanks to a very kind soul. ;-) The presumably final episode (New Zealand airs eps out of order too!) rocked and left the door open for a very interesting second season. Not that I'm bummed now.

Oh, and in Dead Like Me viewing, all the elements of the show came together for me in 'My Room'. Collapse )

I'm incredibly flattered by all of your encouragement to write some fanfic. Of course, I know it's all about the desire for more porn, but I'll still be flattered. ;)