August 11th, 2006

Asta 2

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So, I watched Whistler at 9 instead of SG-1 since it gets repeated at 11. Because Whistler ended early I caught the end of SG-1 plus the promo for next week. Now I'm wondering if I saw what I think I saw in the promo. Collapse )

Speaking of Whistler, tonights ep featured Kandyse McClure *and* Donnelly Rhodes. And from the 'Andromeda' front we have Brandy Ledford and Steve Bacic. From the very little I saw of that show I could safely say that both actors (along with most of the cast) sucked and blew. Well Steve, who also recently appeared on 'Psych', apparently can act and Brandy isn't terrible. This leads me to believe that I can justly lay blame for all the badness of 'Andromeda' at Sorbo's feet. It also explains how these two are working and Sorbo is doing the James Marsters cruise thing.

Edited because I got my answer...I think.