August 13th, 2006

Asta 2

Nothing Like Avoiding Work

Yes, I really need to go into work today and instead I'm here.

To begin with I am so very excited to see new people on laura_lee_bsg. They're posting vids and fic and we're having discussions! Wheeeee!!! Now it's only a matter of time before Ron Moore buys a clue. ;-)

I tinkered with my LJ layout a wee bit when I came to realize that navigation bar screws up formatting on some LJs and communities. I never really used it anyway so no great loss. And while I was at that page to drop it I decided to change my viewing options to Beta Navigation. I think I might like it. It's very 'clean' looking and, turns out, it incorporates some of the navigation strip features.

Last night I went out to a local pub with raislak and others. I drive by this pace every day on my way to work, but had never been in there before. Turns out it's very nice and has 21 beers on tap (which some folks got very excited about), not to mention many other alcohol concoctions. I had Dark Chocolate which was a half porter/half guinness drink along with sheppards pie and some to die for chocolate cake for dessert. Oh! And they served the cake with a shot of milk. For those of you who really know me you know how perfect that was. :) Much fun was had by all and we ended up getting thrown out of the place. OK, they were closing the second floor. ;p

And now for some thoughts on the Gates...

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