August 21st, 2006

Asta 2

SG-1 Canceled

I'm tracking down bits and pieces of info here and there, but there are reports the show was cancelled prior to the airing of the 200th episode. I think they are pretty well into filming this season, so I would assume it just means no 11th season.

OK, it is official:

Report of cancelation.

Talk of the show going on.

Interestingly, the removal of BSG from the Sci-Fi Friday line up is mentioned as a reason for the ratings decline. Well, it can always head back into syndication.

ETA: Poor Ben and Claudia must be having flashbacks. Yet another show where they were signed to a two year deal only to have it unexpectedly canceled. :(
Asta 2

Remember When All I Talked About Was 'Galactica'?

I think I cursed SG-1. Seriously. *Just* as I start getting into the show, look what happens? The signs were all there today. First, I'm talking to my mom about the show and how I'm catching up. Then I get home to watch the 6pm ep that I taped only to discover I taped an hour of the Comcast screen saver (I have NO idea how that happened). Finally, with a few minutes to kill I hop on line and discover the show has been canceled. Which totally distracted me from the premiere of Prison Break. (Yet, I was still able to follow it so what does that say about that show? They did surprise me with one thing though, but I shall say no more since I don't want to bother with a cut tag. ;)

I'm not really so much bummed that SG-1 got canceled, (hey, they had ten years) but that it will no longer provide a relatively mindless, light hearted counterpart to the BSG angst and that the Sci-Fi monkeys couldn't have chosen a better time to do it. They have a mid-season break coming up, would it have killed them to wait? Doing it right after the 200th episode does show a lack of class. Yet this is the same network that is trying very hard to get BSG out there to a wider audience. Then again, they own part of that show.

In addition to Prison Break, I watched Vanished and it was...OK. It seemed more than a little over wrought and Rebecca Gayheart continues to show she doesn't know the meaning of the word subtle. But it wasn't horrible so unless something better premieres at 9pm est I'll probably continue to watch. For the time being.

At lunch today, I went to the bookstore and picked up the September Maxim with THE pictures in it. Silly me didn't realize that the scans 'cut' some of the images in half so it was a thrill to see the photos as they are meant to be seen. All the guys together? Wow. And Jamie in leather sitting in the Raptor? Guh.

Also picked up the latest EW with House/Hugh Laurie on the cover. Yes, I have a subscription but you think I could wait? Surprisingly, no spoilers unless you haven't seen the second season finale. Mostly it was a recap of how Hugh got the role and why the show is as popular as it is. Nice shot of the entire cast accept Lisa's head looks disproportionately large.