August 31st, 2006

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This will probably be my last post before leaving for Dragon*Con. I am so, so mentally and physically exhausted right now. I just hope I’m relatively alert when I see my friends and fellow LJers there.

I’ve been reading Con reports of the Burbank BSG con. bijoux did a wonderful job of recapping the Q&A’s but, unfortunately, they are spoilery so spoilerphobes stay away! A few non-spoilery things of note...

* It’s funny how several people can be at the exact same Q&A and have *very* different interpretations of what was said.

* Jamie expressed an interest in writing and directing and is hoping that they may allow him to do the latter with an episode next season. Given the work of David Duchovny and Ben Browder on their respective series, I think this could be a very good thing.

* Oh, Jamie, you really need to start watching what you say. I’ll blame the jet lag. Everyone remember the infamous experience James Marsters had at a Con several years ago where some woman was asking him to take off his shirt and he made a joke about her doing it first? Well, it seems the same question was asked of Jamie (numerous times) and the final person to ask got a similar response. Luckily, everyone took it as a joke, but I cringed thinking of what could have happened.

Good news/bad news on the BSG front. The third season premieres October 7 in Canada meaning my Canadian friends will only be a day behind this year. But it seems that the monkeys at Sci-Fi, which plan to finally launch the webisodes on September 5, are only allowing people in the U.S. to see them. WTF? I don’t know the full story, have just seen talk of it around LJ, but the show has a fairly substantial foreign market and this doesn’t make sense to me.

A very, very Happy Birthday! to my fellow shipper and multi-talented friend sdwolfpup. Long may you vid, icon, meta, and write porn adult fanfic! ;-)

And Happy Birthday! to greycoupon who I hope to get to meet this weekend. I even have a present for you! Well, you may not feel that way after you see it. ;)

I watched the season premiere of Bones last night which I nearly missed because I forgot it premieres this week. You know, David did nothing form me on BtVS and ‘Angel’, but now? He’s definitely getting better looking as he gets older. Not to mention, it seemed like they gave him a much improved wardrobe this season.

The new person I think I like. She grated on me a bit, but then when she stood up for everybody I found myself really respecting her.

Justice. Eh. I enjoyed it more than ‘Vanished’, most likely because the show moves quickly and doesn’t drag out unnecessary story points. However, VG could tone it down a bit (it’s the pilot ep so I’m willing to cut him some slack) and Kerr Smith seems miscast. He just doesn’t have the charisma and experience to play a high powered, gotta have him attorney.

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