September 14th, 2006

Asta 2

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Tonight we had one of our firm functions. I tend to go to these things just for the free food. Unfortunately the free food was nothing to write about (hence me not writing about it ;). And the crowd was rather small and sedate. My friend/co-worker and I stayed less than an hour. The most interesting thing that happened was we were carded! At the door! It was very strange. A group of people, including women not much older than us, walked in to the bar unimpeeded, but my friend and I got stopped and asked for our ID. Her immediate response was "I have a nineteen year old daughter". I was just too dumbstruck to say anything. Yeah, I look young for my age, but not that young.

I was also teased by my supposed friend because, on our way out of the office, we passed an attorney who waved and said hi to me, but apparently ignored her. She's implying this means something. I reminded her we're not sure what team he plays for. :p

As further evidence I am twelve, I must confess that I did a search on Jamie Bamber on LJ and got just a tiny thrill when I saw jamiebambernews pop up. This has little to do with him and the fact that I had an idea and followed through with it.

I haven't rec'd a movie in awhile. This past weekend I saw The Illusionist. I love me some Edward Norton. And unlike some of his recent work, this film is very, very good. Several things struck me about it. It's one of the most beautiful films I have seen in quite some time. The period recreation is exquisite and the use of light creates a dreamlike quality throughout the film. And with so many films using sound and fury to try and tell a story, the quietness of this film was incredibly refreshing. The biggest surprise of all though may be that, yes, Jessica Biel has acting ability.

My two quibbles (you know I always have to find something to criticize!) is a very spotty use of narration - it's used only at the beginning and end of the film - and a pivotal plot point that seems totally implausible.

Because I like to be contrary, I watched 'Studio 60' this evening. AOL was showing the premiere in it's entirety. Normally watching a show as a 4x3 image would not be ideal, but I could do that and clean out my bookmarks. :) Anyway, I know people already love this show and are eager for the season to start. I was rather 'Meh' about it. Loved the cast, but the material really didn't feel all that original or inspired to me. I'll probably give it a few weeks before I make any finale decisions, so you can refrain from throwing things for the time being.