September 28th, 2006

Asta 2

I found my CW affiliate

I watched about five minutes of Smallville and then turned to Ugly Betty. I didn't get the rave reviews it had garnered until about half way into it. You really do fall in love with Betty thanks to America Ferrera. I feared Eric Mabius was playing the same assholish character he did on Eyes, but he dodged that bullet. Still not sure about the rest of the characters. Though I don't think it's possible that Vanessa Williams could look more fabulous.

I then flipped over to Supernatural because a substantial portion of my Flist have joined the Cult of the Winchester Brothers. I enjoyed it more than I expected and even though this is only the second epsiode I've ever seen I was surprisingly moved by the ending. Collapse )

Turning over to give Six Degrees another try, I caught the end of Grey's Anatomy. Collapse )