October 1st, 2006

Asta 2

Now that's what I call a webisode

I just finished watching this past weeks webisodes and after being rather Meh about them, along comes Episode 8. Collapse )

I was skimming the Sci-Fi forum and I noticed Mrs Ron posted that Mary will be appearing on the Today show tomorrow at 8:30. Set your DVRs/VCRs or for our friends overseas look to You Tube. ;)
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Asta 2

Final Dragon*Con Post

Yeah, I know this is a little late. Maybe not that late, it was only a month ago. It seems longer. I miss everyone!

Collapse )

Tomorrow there will be much fanfic to rejoice in, I hope, as the ficathon fics are due. :)

Oh, and is anyone else not getting e-mail notifications from LJ? They appear in my message center (like I asked for that!), but no e-mails and I have not changed any settings.