October 9th, 2006

Erm...okay - Lee - Nyuszi

Podcast for 'Occupation/Precipice'

It’s a new season of torturing myself listening to the podcasts so you don’t have too. The podcast was surprisingly spoiler light, just some mentions of how a scene set a future scene in the forthcoming eps, but I still edited that stuff out. And, as always, Ron’s full of himself. ;)

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Asta 2


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Getting in under the wire, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to thomasina75 who I managed to sway to the darkside before the new season of BSG started. ;) And birthday wishes a day early (go me!) to avrelia a fellow survivor of the Buffy fandom. Hope you lovely ladies had/have great days. :)

ETA: The musical guest on Studio 60 next week? Eeeeeeee!!! And just when I was going to give up! ;-)
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