October 18th, 2006

Asta 2

TV, What Else?

My mother and her TV Guide subscription informs me that Hugh Laurie will be hosting SNL on 10/28. Damn, they found a way to get me to watch. If only he had time to write his own material.

In today’s ‘Ask Ausiello’ someone asked a question about Lee and Laura. Just the fact that someone not in my little corner of LJ asked about them made me very happy. Yes, I need help.

Studio 60 got beaten, badly, in the ratings by What About Brian. And danceswithwords thought she saw something about it being moved to Friday nights. Yeah, that’s not looking good.

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Caught the very end of Project Runway. When I saw photos from the runway shows several weeks ago the winner’s designs seemed the strongest as well as having a distinctive theme so no surprise there for me.