October 27th, 2006

Asta 2

I'm Being BSG Spammy, Must Be Friday

Part 3 of Mary McDonnell's Q&A is up at Sci-Fi And let me just say I loved her answer to one question and, no, it did not involve Lee. ;p

Gateworld discusses BSG's ratings slip from the premiere. Some interesting information on DVR/TIVO ratings which apparently are being watched and are good news for the show.

And Happy Birthday! to ketzel and electricexprmnt (a day early - my mind wil be eaten by BSG meta tomorrow ;). Hope both you lovely ladies have great days. :)
Asta 2

I Just Need To Vent About One Thing

'Collaborators' was great. Amazing in some respects. Two excelent eps in a row and I am *this* close to declaring the show back on track. However, I had one problem. Most of you can probably guess what it is. And because I want my long post to be filled with all that was good Collapse )

Btw, the code word to access the online content for tonight's ep is RIFT. But be warned that clips from next weeks ep are included and the material is somewhat spoilery. Interviews tonight are with Jamie, Tahmoh, Mary, and Michael Hogan.