November 20th, 2006

Asta 2

The Great Big Post of Totally Unconnected Stuff

Work: In the past week, in narratives for disbursement entries, I had to type Lee County, DiAnna, and, I swear to God, Galactica.

Movies: There are a bunch I want to see, but haven’t had the motivation to go to the theatre. The Fountain will change that this coming week though. And last weekend I caught The Iron Giant on TCM. I had never seen this film and now I’m wondering why it took me so long. It’s so shiny and pretty! And cute and funny and emotional without being cloying. I also may have teared up a bit.

Casting News: This is old news, but since I only saw one person on my Flist mention it. Collapse )


Ugly Betty - This was the show I was just going to give a try based on positive pre-season buzz. This is the show I find myself rapidly becoming addicted to. No deep thoughts, no urge to hop online and discuss as soon as it’s aired, it’s just so darn cute and fun and I just adore Betty and Daniel. And Vanessa Williams is turning Wihelmina from what I feared would be a one note villain into a multi-dimensional character with more heart than I could have imagined. Actually, it’s pretty terrific how all the characters are shown to have at least a shred of goodness in them. My one criticism of the show would be Betty’s boyfriend. She deserves so much better than him and considering how we’ve seen her stand up to some pretty powerful people, I have issues with her settling in her personal life.

30 Rock - I want to love this show, but, thus far, I only love Alec Baldwin. He’s the only thing keeping me tuning in and as worthless as the Emmy’s are I still want him to win for his brilliant performance. Maybe Tina Fey spent a little too much time at SNL. Her product placement story was funny for the first couple minutes, but she didn’t seem to know when to quit. And when do you cross the line from satire to actually being the shill for the product? I mean, they went from doing the obvious placement plug for Snapple to going into a commercial for Snapple.

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People Magazine: Wheeee!!! The rather small photo of Jamie on the People magazine website? It’s a two-page spread! The section is entitled ‘Steaming Up The Internet’. And he got a mention on the cover too! Well, I’m assuming that is the Jamie they are referring to.

There are some other notable hotties. Hugh Jackman in a GUH! Inducing photo. Eric Mabius who I may have to add to my list of TV Boyfriends. Johnny Depp, Wentworth Miller, Josh Duhamel, and the (male) cast of Heroes were some other great additions. It was only lacking Tim Daly. Maybe they can do a black tee shirt section next year?